Buxus Media is a Bangalore based, fully integrated BTL service provider, boasting of in-house servicing, creative, and technical teams along with tie ups with full fledged fabrication and technical units to cater to any project requirement.

Consumers used to be people who consumed stuff, but today consumers are people who crave experiences. We enable consumers to experience and engage with a brand, bringing it to life across touch points, to create a desired action.

We work with individuals and corporates all across the world, with budgets big and small, with the single minded aim of delivering a great product to give the client something to cheer about!

We specialise in all kinds of events, conferences, promotions and sports events, corporate gifts and giveaways, content for TV, radio and mobile, merchandise to fit any project requirement, roadshows with cars, buses, trains, tractors and given the chance, even in space!


Imaginative, friendly and passionate are a few ways to describe Karthik.

After working with leading event agencies in the country, he founded Buxus in 2016 with the quest to achieve something only a few would dream of at his age.

With an MBA in Event Management, he is the heart and soul of the company and leads from the front. "NO" is something you would rarely hear from Karthik when it comes to getting the job done.

His love for motorsports has made Buxus one of the leading motorsports management companies in India. He approaches all events with perfection and attention to detail.


Manas helps curate, plan and execute events down to the last detail. He is also driven by his love and passion for motorsports and a zeal for creativity. He brings to the organisation, fresh, winning ideas. His presentation and communication skills are top class.

Calm and composed while paying close attention to detail are his best traits be it in a meeting room or on the field.

Before joining Buxus, he worked as an engineer for more than seven years, bringing valuable experience to the company by adding a professional touch to all the events.

During his free time, he enjoys cooking, music and interactive gaming.